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Welcome to Bristol's Original Projector & Audio Visual Hire Website


Projector Hire starts at £55 per day (plus VAT)
Projector and Screen Hire for just £75 per day (plus VAT)
Free Delivery to Bristol/Bath Area on all orders over £50 exc VAT

COVID 19 UPDATE: In light of Social Distancing and Funerals we have been providing recording and streaming services live from the chapels (and where desirable and possible the internment) using broadcast quality HD Cameras and Professional Microphones. Please see 'Other Services' for more Details.


Providing a large range of Projector & Audio Visual hire services exclusively to Bristol, Bath, Somerset & Avon (with Free Delivery*) our services are used by individuals & businesses alike. Mediamco Hire (A.K.A. Bristol Projector Hire) has a wide range of professional audio visual equipment to cater for your occasion. Our wide range includes: projectors, plasma/lcd screens, public address systems, projector screens, sound mixing desks and supporting accessories. We have all the equipment to tailor the right solution for you.

We have a high quality projector range for portable use ranging between 2200 to 4000 ANSI lumens and XGA by standard. The projector is supplied in a protective casing complete with Audio Visual & Computer Leads, Remote Control and Helpsheet.

What do I need to look for when leasing Audio Visual equipment?

1. How many people are attending? This is an important question as a plasma screen maybe an ideal presentation medium for a small group of 6 but for an audience greater than 10 a plasma screen is going to be too small, therefore a projector will be a better option.

2. Resolution & Brightness - What does this mean? With projectors, resolution is measured in terms of the number of dots that make up the projected image on screen, in theory is means that the higher the number of dots the better and sharper the image, however for presenting spreadsheets and high resolution graphics/videos XGA -with Resolution of: 1,024x768 pixels is more than adequate and commonplace for presentations. In terms of brightness with projectors, the brighter the projector the more versatile it will be under different lighting conditions. For example your presentation is very likely to be held in an environment with ceiling lights and windows all of which add provide ambient light, so in order to overcome this you need a projector of a high brightness. Our projectors start at 2200 Lumens, at this brightness the presentation remains bright and clearly visible with ceiling lights on and with outside ambiance light.

3. Do we need Speakers? Some of our projectors are fitted with internal speakers, those without we can usually supply active speakers on request. Plasma sets usually come with attached speakers.

4. Reputation We have built up a good reputation for providing a service that matches our clients expectations and at a very good price. Our customers include: domestic use (Parties, Weddings ,etc), trainers, lecturers and small & large businesses.


We're more than just Projector Hire...
Also.. Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Audio/Video Format Conversion & Other Services

Aside from our primary projector & equipment hire services, Bristol Projector Hire also provides Audio Visual installation & repair services, maintenance/technical Support, and audio video format conversion service - please visit the 'Other Services' to view details on these services.


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Reasons for choosing our AV & Projector Hire

1. Recent High Quality Models - All our models of projectors are recent models with high brightness and at least XGA resolution. AV equipment rentals are also up-to-date and professional models

2. Single Days Rental - Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a single day's rental at a single day's cost.

3. Tested & Checked - Each item are AV equipment comes with the appropriate supporting cables, remotes and accessories, which is checked prior dispatch.

4. Local to Bristol & Bath, and the counties of Somerset & Avon - We are based in Pensford and will deliver Projectors, Screens, Plasmas and PA Equipment & setup within an 11 mile radius free (subject to advanced booking).


5. Help & Support - We will supply you with the relevant help on using the item of equipment.

6. Value for Money - At a good price we will supply you a high quality projector and accessories for the period of hire. Projectors can be expensive items to purchase and repair, by hiring from us these costs are eliminated from yourself or your company.

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